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Saturday, October 07, 2006


Today is Jeremy's birthday! He is turning 13! I didn't even know people had birthdays. He is a very sweet human and he loves me a lot so I want to go to the party too! Let me go find Jamesie, aha now we can go!

Move over big butt! I don't have any room. Wait, what was that flash? Mom has the camera, smile!

We are so cute! I don't think I want to go to the party after all. Mom says we would have to go in the car, no way! I will just send my kitty love and birthday wishes from on my blog! Mom is going to write a note after I am done so I need to finish. LOVE YOU JEREMY!

Hey Jeremy, I am very proud of you, not just today but everyday! You are growing so fast! You were the first baby that ever lived with me and now you are a teenager! So much time has flown by, but it seems like just a blink of the eye. We all love you so very much, and we want you to have a wonderful birthday! Just remember that we are always here if you need us and that I love you. Be good. Your loving Aunt, Auntie Am (& Grandma too!)

I will have to rub against him and purr the next time he is here! Have loads of fun at your party teenager!


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