Scooby, the cat

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


My brother, Jamesie, is outside today. That is what his post is all about on his blog. What is so great about outside? I lived outside and I DON'T want to go back out there. Mom would let me back in but it makes me ummm... scared! Jamesie picks on me about it but I don't care. He can go out all he wants while I stay inside and get all of Mom's attention to myself! So there.

I like to look outside and smell the air. I just don't want to BE outside. I like my house and my family thank you very much. I might get lost! Nope, inside is for me. Mom is going to watch a movie and I am going to join her. She will rub my back and scratch my tummy the whole time! I love the indoors!