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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Explanation Needed

Mom wants to explain about the story she told us the other day. Some people had some questions and she wants to explain to everyone. So her you go Mom, explain away!

I have gotten comments along with many private emails asking me what my "story" is about and if it true. Unfortunately, yes, the story is true. I think that my story has touched some people and just confused others so I would like to explain.
We all say thing that show others how we truly feel about them. It is the most difficult with the ones I love the most. My main feeling of unhappiness came from my own realization that a relationship I believed was strong is not. Sometimes, it is hard to know when to let go of a relationship or when to fight to make it stronger. Other times that decision is made foyou. Whenen you feel like you should provide "proof" in the relationship, it is time to let go and accept the limitations that are there. Yes, this is very hard to do. You might find a small hope in your heart that you can nurse and see if it grows, but having that hope hurts me more than it helps. Twenty-six years of hope has gotten me an unfair judgment, and I just need itstop. Lettingting go does not mean you stop loving the person. It just means you understand that some relationships just aren't meant to grow or change. They are just there.
I don't want anyone to take any part of this post as advice. I am not the person to get advice from, obviously. I just wanted to help some people out there to understand what my story was about. Who says that having two separate parts of your life is wrong? Isn't it better to have the two halves than one whole that tears you apart? I am hoping that people may read this with their hearts rather than their minds. I pray that we all stop judging the people (and animals) in our lives and just allow the relationship to grow. Please remember that no one ever stays the same. Thank you Scooby!

I hope that this wpeoplelp peolpe to understand what the story was about and why she wrote it. I just like to heard her voice so I don't care what she says!


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