Scooby, the cat

Thursday, April 20, 2006


The indignities forced upon us cats by those we love is sometimes to much to take. Today Mom and I went to sit on the porch together, her idea (indignity #1). While we were outside this huge car type thing pulled up. This stranger got out and let the nephews out. Mom got up and I thought she was going to let me go in, boy was I wrong! She walked over to the strange man and introduced me! She told him my name and let him pet me (indignity #2)! He said to show someone else in the van so my Mom walked around and let a strange woman touch me (indignity #3)! HELP! What if they steal my identity? I do not like this! I was so freaked out that when Mom finally let me go inside that I ran and hid. Why did she let them see me? I like to be incognito! It turns out that she shows my picture to a lot of people! What is she thinking? I need to have some time alone now. Bye


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