Scooby, the cat

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Truth hurts

Well, I told Jamesie about his nip mouse. He got very mad at me. Mom came and held me for a while to make me feel better. Jamesie came in the bedroom and hissed at me. Mom told him not to do that and Jamesie turned his back on me and lay down. He loved that mouse so much and I should have known not to destroy it. Mom is rubbing Jamesie and telling him why it happened and that she will make it all better. I hope he understands. Maybe he will remember how much it hurts to get new teeth and he won’t be mad at me anymore. I am going to make sure that the friendship we had comes back. I will be extra nice and play with him when he isn’t so mad. He is a good cat and he will forgive me, (gulp) I hope.


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