Scooby, the cat

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sick is back

Sick is back! This time it has attacked one of the nephews! Jeremy and Steven came to spend the night with us. That is when Jeremy was attacked by sick. Luckily it missed Steven, one nephew with sick is enough! Jeremy felt bad the whole time he was here. Steven helped Mom to take care of him. He is a very good brother! We are proud of the way he helped his brother (purr).So Jeremy was under sick’s attack and it made him puke. He got my pillow, but I don’t mind. It wasn't his fault. We can always wash the pillow. I just pray that Jeremy is able to recover from sick. I don’t want anybody (person or cat) to have to be sick. I hope that everyone will pray for Jeremy and send him many good thoughts while he is feeling bad! Also, pray that sick does not attack anyone else! All it does is cause trouble and make everyone feel bad. I am going to find a way to protect my people from sick and its evilness. I will not let it attack them again! Maybe I should get my Mom’s help; yeah she will help me to kick sick out of the house! Gotta run, Bye!


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