Scooby, the cat

Saturday, March 18, 2006


The strange string thing with the clip is not a toy, it is a leash! Mom made me go outside! Outside! I didn’t like it so I tried to run but the LEASH caught me and nearly strangled me! I jumped and spun around trying to get away, but it had me around the neck. Mom rushed over and saved me. I was so scared. What if they don’t want me anymore? Mom brought me back in the house and took the leash off while she rubbed me. I was clinging to her shirt with all of my claws! She told me that she thought that I wanted to explore because I sat in the doorway and looked out. Man, if I had known that I would have stuck to windows only. I do not want to go outside. I might one day, but not now. I am not ready! I like it inside where I have everything that I want and it is warm. Mom felt really bad about taking me outside so she put the leash away. I am happy that thing is gone. I didn’t understand why she put the leash on me at first. She said that I might get lost so she wanted to hang on to me. I am happy about the sentiment but not the action! Just let me be an inside cat who sits in doorways!


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