Scooby, the cat

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Jamesie has been sad lately. Grandma’s sick didn’t leave and Mom hasn’t been letting Jamesie outside to play. He loves to go outside. I don’t know why he likes it but he does. He has been moping around acting all sad so I started to talk to him. I meowed my invitation to play and he accepted! I was happily surprised. We have been having so much fun! He is a good hider and he likes to wrestle with me. Mom is very happy that we are getting along. She says we are bonding. I guess that is another word for playing. I wonder if he still wants to go outside. I bet you a weeks worth of food that he does. He likes to “get out of the house and roam”. I am perfectly happy to roam around the house instead of getting cold or even wet while outside. Maybe I can convince him that he should stay inside with me. Hey, a kitten can hope!


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