Scooby, the cat

Sunday, February 26, 2006

New cat around

Jamesie told me that there is a white cat hanging around. I wonder why it is here. I saw it today while I was looking out the window. I wonder what it wants. Maybe I can have another friend. That would be cool! The only cat I see now is Jamesie. He is fun and everything but I miss having lots of cats around. I love it here in the house so I am trying to get used to it being just the two of us cats. It has been hard but I am doing okay! I have a pillow that feels just like a cat to snuggle with! I lay with it for naps and when I get lonely. I sleep with Mom now at night. She keeps me warm and I know she loves me. Sometimes Jamesie will sleep with us too; he just doesn’t like to be under the covers so he has a special blanket on the bed. See, Mom loves us so much! Having a home is cool! I have all kinds of new things to play with and to explore. Next time I see the white cat I will meow a hello and see if he is friendly. Off to play!


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