Scooby, the cat

Monday, February 20, 2006


Snoodleroo is full of poop! He must never go to the litter box because he is just full of it! He is wrong about the monsters. They are not monsters, they are kittens! Can you imagine my surprise when they turned out to be nice? They are very loud and run around a lot, but so do I. They rubbed me and played with me. A happier cat can't be found. I have two more friends in the world! Jamesie had me so scared that I didn't even want to get to know the nephews. What a shame that would have been. I understand that "the monsters" is just a nick name that Jamesie gave them, now. I am not real found of the nick name he gave me. I will tell you if you promise not to tell anyone. Okay, he calls he "Coon-cat". I have these stripes in my tail, one white then black and so on. He says I look like a raccoon. The other name he calls me is "bugger lips". He never explained that one to me. What is a raccoon anyway? Is it a handsome cat? I wonder if Jamesie will tell me. I will ask later. Well, I wanted to let everyone know that I survived the weekend. I hope they come back soon, I like them. I hope I get to meet the other nephew soon, he lives far away so he wasn't here this weekend. They are all cute and friendly, I can tell. So I know that I am a very well loved kitten! Have fun. Bye.


  • Big bruddies like to tease us lots. (Even though we think we're the same age, Smeagol was here first, and he told me lots of stuff that he made up). We're glad you had fun with them!

    By Blogger Smeagol & Strider (Mystery & Gizmo too!), at 10:35 PM  

  • Scooby, I just found this post of yours, so I have to tell you about raccoons!! They are really cool animals that live outside and have the most beautiful tales!!! *I* have a raccoon tail too! You should be verry purroud of your tail and don't mind Jamesie, he's prolly jealous cos he wishes he had one too, even though he is verry hansome himself.

    Finny the raccoon-tailed wonder!

    By Blogger Finnegan & Buddy, at 7:39 AM  

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