Scooby, the cat

Friday, February 17, 2006


My mom let the MONSTERS in the house! Jamesie says that she hugs them and loves them very much! Why? How can she turn her back on me and bring monsters in here. They could step on me! I don't like pain. I need a place to hide and fast! Maybe I can hide beside the couch in the living room. Nope, they could see me there. Hmm ... Kitchen is out of the question, knives and all kinds of sharp things being in there. I don't want to hide in the litter box, obvious reasons. I can't think when I am so scared! Wait. Was that a noise? It sounds like a noise. No (insert small scared kitty laugh) I'm just being paranoid. No, I heard it again. What is that noise? It sounds like a car door. No, no, no I hear feet on the porch, crap I am out of time! They are here! I am hiding under the bed! No, wait, I have the perfect idea. Jamesie can protect me! Yes, I will go and lay with Jamesie. They will think that I am his shadow, I know wrong color but still a shadow. I can hear it now, they will say, "Where is the new kitten?" and Mom will say, "I can't seem to find him." Now I have a plan. I wonder how long they will stay (insert kitten gulp). How long can a kitten go with out food or water? I got to go. Bye, I will post again after they go home.


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