Scooby, the cat

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Cold water

I have discovered something very interesting. I can drink water, cold water, out of the big white thing in the bathroom. It is fresh and cold. Mom keeps our water dish full and clean, but this is cold water! Mom comes and turns the thing on the wall and I get water! If I sit in the “tub”, she will ask if I want water and she gives it to me! I like this. I am exploring all over the house and I have found new places everyday! I like the room with the food in it. Jamesie told me it is called a kitchen. I can sneak off with treats from there and nobody knows about it! Well, I don’t think they know about it. Jamesie is outside so I am going to watch all of the birds now. They come to the feeders and they get really close to me. I could catch one if I wanted to, that is how close they are! Off to play!


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